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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning can be trickier than carpet cleaning. Store bought carpet and upholstery cleaners are not sufficient for handling upholstery. To clean upholstery, people need industrial strength cleaners, equipment and expertise to effectively tackle the job. This is why we offer our services, and we provide them at a 20 percent discount for all types of upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn and throughout the NYC metro area.


We understand that furniture is a major investment. Just like carpet, the fibers in your furniture need to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned to preserve the structural integrity and appearance of these fibers. Contaminants that can get embedded in these fibers cause them to break down. This can create a substantial amount of damage in a short amount of time. In addition, we understand that your home is a place you need to be clean to remain healthy and comfortable. We thoroughly clean your furniture using our innovative practices, solutions and equipment to deliver a clean you can’t beat.


Your home’s carpet holds a lot of allergens, but your upholstery can hold a lot of allergens as well. Dust mites are known to hide in upholstery where they feed on dead skin cells and other matter. People are not directly allergic to dust mites, but they are allergic to their fecal matter. Dust, dust mite fecal matter and other debris causes allergic reactions in people that extend past sneezing. In fact, people can get rashes, experience asthma attacks, break out into hives and suffer many other conditions. Allergens cause the body to have a weakened immune system, which can cause people to get sick from other illnesses. We remove allergens from your upholstery. Our equipment has powerful suction to effectively remove these allergens without leaving any residue behind. You can breathe easier in your home after we have cleaned your upholstery.


Mold is another concern for the home’s occupants. At-home methods of upholstery cleaning can be disastrous. What ends up happening more often than not is that people oversaturate their furniture in an effort to thoroughly clean it. However, our cleansers and equipment effectively clean the stains, dirt and other contaminants without over-saturating your furniture so that it dries quickly. It is essential that furniture dry quickly because mold can begin to grow within 24 hours. Mold spores fill the air, and they begin growing when they find a moist and dark area, which means you can get mold in your cushions, which will be impossible to treat without reupholstering your furniture. Mold can be detrimental to the health of everyone in the home. We not only use the finest of equipment and solutions, but we stay up-to-date on educating our employees to deliver safe and effective means of cleaning for you.

Our efficient services will leave your home with better indoor air quality, less allergens, a pleasing aroma and stain-free and dirt-free furniture. Take a breath of fresh air with our cleaning services. Call us today at (718) 210-3568 and remember our 20 percent discount.

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